Step Up is back for its 9th year, bringing you a monster step up kicker (or two) with a side hip, a rocking BBQ, and tons of Man & Wolf Beer.
Kenny Jesus

So, I’m sure you are wondering what the Step Up charity event is all about??  Well, it’s about getting the community of Val d’Isere and Tignes together, putting on one of the best days of the season (at least that’s what I am told), eating great food, ‘hydrating’ with a cool beer, watching some crazy tricks you never thought possible, enjoying the sun, good tunes and hanging with ya mates. But most important of all….. Raising as much money as we can for some very important local charities! 


This year, alongside our huge kicker we have the support of Scottish -Snowberry’s very own tea boy and Murray of YSE Cookery School providing us with inventive delicious food. If you have been to step up in previous seasons you will know we normally put on a BBQ with burgers, sausages and huge selection of salads. This year the boys are taking it up a notch, so come along and find out for yourselves whats in store from 11am!
The Step Up started in the 08/09 season and since then the event has just been growing and growing, just like the kicker has. Over the past 8 years we have raised over €14,500 for various different charities. 

This season we are supporting ‘Le Gypaete Barbu’  the protection of the bearded vulture (Lammergeier) within the Haute-Savoie region. The bearded vulture lives for around 30 years, but the growth in population is extremely slow and any disturbance can drastically affect the development of their population, unbeknown to us these dangers can be associated to the mountain life we enjoy. Like parapenting, general aviation, poisoning and contamination, collision with overhead cables (ski lifts) etc. Over the past 15 years the charity has been working to neutralise and monitor the impact. 

The second non-profit venture we are supporting is called ‘Shred Safe’, The goal is to educate people about the world of off-piste riding in order to maximise fun while minimising risk. They offer free avalanche training and mountain safety courses to all.

When : Wed 12th April 2017 
Where : Off the Tommeuses chairlift (between Creux and Edelweiss pistes) 
Time : 11am onwards until lifts close 
Apres: 5pm onwards in Saloon for prizes, music and the raffle.
Cost: €10 (all for charity)

The event is organised by a few local riders and supported by local shops, bars and businesses who help by giving us raffle prizes. Step Up is a jam session for all riders, with a short time during the day to win prizes for 1st/2nd/3rd, ski/snowboard and male/females. But don’t let that put you off, the rest of the day you can hit the kicker just for fun! So… if you have the skill set to safely conquer the kicker they you are welcome to ride it, if not sit back, relax and watch.

With great conditions, huge crowds and epic vibes come down and watch people get sendy, or have a play yourself on the biggest handmade kicker in the Espace Killy. Then head straight to saloon for Apres and the raffle.

We would love it if everyone would donate €10’s on the day for the charities, with that you get the BBQ, raffle ticket and use of the kicker.                


Words: Kat Pearce.  Photos: Gwil Thomas